What we offer.

We are pretty much like your one stop shop. You may come for social media mentoring and leave with a whole new idea on how to change your web page to make the most of free opportunities. Its really a case of be prepared for anything.

You will walk in feeling lost and walk out feeling invigorated with a renewed enthusiasm for your business. You know that feeling you once had when you started working on your dream. We do.

Web Page Design

Our team can design you a new modern responsive web page made to your specifications. Our web page packages are fully loaded with SEO and come with hands-on training empowering you to manage and control your own page. All of our pages come with 12 months on-call support at no extra charge. Starting from only $800

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Digital Footprint Boot Camp

Our digital footprint boot camp goes for approx 2 hours and includes a full review before hand on your current situation so we can hit the ground running. We will cover all of your digital presence (social media, web pages, SEO) and outline a plan for you to move forward with for you to work on to improve you footprint and traffice. Cost $190.

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Social Media Management

While our vision from one business owner to another is to empower you to control your own content, we get it that sometimes its just not your cup of tea. If that’s the case we can offer set pricing on total social media or web page management so you can get on with better things. Like running your business.

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