Our Vision

In our dream world, small business owners would spend less time learning and working on the ever changing jigsaw of the digital world, freeing them up to spend that time where it matters. In their business. Digital footprints are your store front to the world and in most cases the only time people will visit your business. Our vision is to ensure yours is outstanding. Test

Our Story

We are a small family run business that like you, had an idea that turned into a dream.  We grabbed hold of that dream, gave it wings and watched it fly. Over the past 7 years we have hit every high, every low, hit the gutter and then made it back into the clouds.   That business is now the largest online retailer in our industry in the country (Camera Chick) .  Built and run solely by us. Everything you see on there from logo design to web page layout, to product content to photo’s.  All by us. And what a learning curve along the way.

That process was anything but easy – but you know that don’t you.  We spent the endless hours needed to learn new platforms then each turn we took – there was yet another platform the learn. We started off thinking lots of fans were awesome, then learnt that fans don’t mean anything unless they convert to clients.  Don’t they say life is one big lesson and your always learning?

One Step Ahead started because we were often asked for help from friends with businesses to run ideas past or to explain social media to them.  We did a few web pages for friends as well, then that turned into paid clients and before we knew it – we were a digital marketing consulting business – but just didn’t know it yet.

We have not gone to TAFE to get a fancy certificate to follow the party line on how to run social media.  We have done the real training that has your business teetering on the edge if you get it wrong. And understand that feeling very well. On reflection (although it didn’t feel like it at the time) it was the best classroom we could have asked for.

Businesses do not fit in one box.  Each industry and business has different needs and our easy to understand communication will help you make the most of your business. For us – we want you to have the freedom away from all things digital, take back your life and spend that time where you know you would prefer to be.

Natalie, Geoff and Jackson Winter

Next Step…

Up for getting your life back? Then contact us today to arrange an no strings attached review – that’s review of your web page and social media so we can show you first hand your wasted opportunities right in front of you.  We wont create “issues” if they are not there and 90% of our clients only need our 2 hour digital boot camp and they are on their way. Lets empower you to get one step ahead instead of being 10 steps behind.

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